At first I thought I might be biased, that I loved Wendell Arnold’s book so much because he is my father.  But then I thought, wait a minute – if I were to be biased, it would be in the other direction I think!  You see, if someone would have asked me 2 years ago if I thought my dad could write a best seller, I would have told them no.  But wait!!  Hear me out… well actually you would know why I might be inclined to think that if you read his book.  And the truth is, I never really knew he could write something like a book!

Christmas, 2010, we were at my parent’s house in Key Biscayne having dinner.  After dinner, my dad came up to me, handed me a few pieces of paper and said, “Read this and tell me what you think.”  Captivated, I read 9 typed pages of what seemed to be the beginning of a great story, and when I finished reading, I exclaimed, “What is this?  Where’s the rest?  I want to read what happens next!”  He chuckled that deep, quiet laugh that is classic Wendell, and whispered, “I wrote it.”  “What?!”  I said, hardly believing what I heard.  He humbly replied, “Ya, I’ve been thinking about writing a book,” and I immediately told him I’d be his number one fan and do anything I could to help.

Well it’s hard to compete with my mom for number one fan, a spot she surely deserves anyway, so he named me his number one agent.  For over a year, he mailed me his hand written pages, I typed and mailed them back.  My mom edited the manuscript and did some typing as well, then I ran with it, taking care of the publishing and marketing, and I have to tell you, we make a darn good team!  And what continues to amaze me is the way the book captivated me and made me laugh and cry the tenth time I read it, same as the first.  Now that’s a good book.  So am I biased?  Ya, probably, but I still find myself shocked that my dad is such a great author.

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