Billy Jo and Mimi

There’s just nothing like waking up with Kate Bradley, the Bradley girls and Uncle Joe at the Shady Rest Hotel. Good, wholesome television is such a rarity these days and shows like Petticoat Junction do a good job captivating my attention. On this morning’s show, Kate tries to get one of her daughters to turn her attention to the new handsome, young doctor in town with hopes that she’ll actually become interested in going to medical school. When Floyd asked her how she knew the doctor would be interested, I swear it sounded like she said something along the lines of Billy Jo being a cynosure, which just so happens to be today’s word of the day on

Yep, cynosure [sin-uh-shoo r] is a noun and it is something that strongly attracts attention by its brilliance, interest, etc. So there you have it, in the land of Susie’s Write Solutions, a cynosure can be a person; it can also be something a person is wearing, as in jewelry or clothing, or even makeup, like Mimi in the Drew Carey Show. Hopefully I helped you to learn something new today, and if not, at least you have the name of a good show to go check out.