Adret (a-DREY) is the word today

Having never lived on a mountain, or anywhere close to a mountain, I can not say whether or not I would find it desirable. I can tell you that I found it absolutely horrifying when we drove up a mountain in North Carolina, and it was just as frightening going back down. We were visiting my husband’s cousin a few years ago, a beautiful place, but a little too steep for me and my anxiety. My poor husband.

Here’s a view while driving (picture taken by me, the passenger): NC1

Apparently, when talking mountains, there is a shady side and there is a side that receives direct sunlight. As one might expect, the shadier side is usually rocky and steep while the sunny side is more fertile. This side, the sunny side, is called an adret, pronounced a-DREY, and is‘s Word of the Day. If I ever had to live on a mountain, I would say, “Okay, just make sure I’m on the adret!”



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