Wish Your Tomatoes Red

Fried green tomatoes taste terrific, to me anyway.  But not everyone enjoys the taste or the texture, and there are those who won’t even give them a try.

So what do you do if you have green tomatoes and you wish they were red?  Put them in a brown paper bag such as a lunch sack and check them everyday.  I believe the time it takes to ripen depends on things like humidity and temperature, so just check the bag daily.  They should ripen twice as fast as they would if you were to just put them out on the counter.

Before you know it, your wish for red tomatoes will come true.


Read a suspenseful story about Wendell Arnold’s wishes coming true, or prayers answered, in his autobiography titled FROM THE COTTON PATCH TO Ph.D., GOD’S MANAGEMENT OF MAN THROUGH THE EYES OF A SCIENTIST.  Go to wendellarnold.com for more information!


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