Calling all Entrepreneurs

The five sharks on ABC’s Shark Tank are very entertaining just being themselves.  There’s the Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, FUBU guy Damon, my memory fails me on his last name, maybe Johns?  Then there’s Kevin O’Leary (Mr. Money), the real estate lady from Manhattan – Barbara, I can’t think of her last name, and finally on the end sits Robert, can’t think of his last name either.  He’s my favorite, probably because he’s the nice guy.

People come on the show with an invention or an idea and try to talk the sharks into investing in them.  We have seen some really good  ideas, some that are just okay, and a few that made us wonder what planet these people were from.  It is interesting to see the shark’s reactions and sometimes they really surprise me.  I have seen a good idea get tanked and millions of dollars handed over for a dumb idea.  This is just my opinion of course.

Whatever rating the ideas score, the show remains entertaining and we’ve come to feel like we know the sharks.  Marks attitude grew on me, Damon’s smile is too cute, Kevin’s boldness is, well, there’s just something about it, Barbara is helpful and Robert is, like I said, the nice guy.  I would love to get on the show.  If you are an inventor and looking for an investor, you should check out Shark Tank (Click on this link), a great solution for entrepreneurs. My husband and I watch it every Friday night.  Maybe we’ll see you there!



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