Marrying as a Minor

Marrying as teenagers and staying together for 50 years is almost unheard of these days.  Wendell and Carolyn Arnold are not just still together after 53 years of marriage, they are still deeply in love with one another and it is evident just being around them.  Their love and devotion to each other is one of a kind.

And did you know that back in 1960 the legal age for males to get married was 21 but the legal age for females was 18?  Perhaps it was figured that girls mature faster than boys and therefore they are more qualified to make such a decision at an earlier age?  At any rate Wendell was not even of legal age, he was 19 and Carolyn 18 when they married.  To get around this “age” thing, they had Wendell’s dad sign for the marriage certificate.

Wendell goes on in the story to tell about when he told Carolyn’s dad they were going to get married.  His friend with whom this dialog was exchanged exclaimed, “Told her dad!” and the the communications he relays are entertaining and sweet.  Like how Wendell’s mom told him when he left for college, ‘See that every day is marked by at least one special act of love.’  It is a great story for all ages.

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