Dr. Wendell Arnold tells of his first big decision

In Chapter Two of Wendell Arnold’s autobiography, FROM THE COTTON PATCH TO Ph.D., GOD’S MANAGEMENT OF MAN THROUGH THE EYES OF A SCIENTIST, Wendell tells of his first big decision.  After being singled out by the teacher in music appreciation class, Wendell thought he would rather stay at home and help on the farm.  He figured his family needed his help more than he needed the second grade anyway.

Wendell tells his story in such a way that puts the reader right there in the living room, watching the dialog between Wendell and his parents as they discuss his news.  And his hilarious experience plowing peanuts, I could feel the frustration he must have felt while I cracked up laughing at the same time.  Beautifully written, Dr. Arnold’s story FROM THE COTTON PATCH TO Ph.D., GOD’S MANAGEMENT OF MAN THROUGH THE EYES OF A SCIENTIST is a must read for all.

You can get your copy, signed by the author, at wendellarnold.com.  Also available at xulonpress.com/bookstore, amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, and on the nook, kindle and google e-book.  To order by telephone, call (866) 909-BOOK (2665).  But you can only get your signed copy at wendellarnold.com, where you can either pay by PayPal or send us a check.  All the details are on wendellarnold.com, so check it out!

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