Once upon a time I used to get together with a group of women who met once a week to play a dice game called Bunko.  I never stopped to wonder if this was a regular game people played, or if I was being introduced to a new drinking game that required at least 12 people.  This was many years ago, and let me tell you, a tough crowd.  There were 12 women in our group, we all took turns hosting it at our homes each week and had a schedule to meet for 12 weeks.  I think I made 4 or 5 of them, one of them hosted at my house, and then I had to find a replacement to fill my spot.  It was a little too rowdy for me in ways I just can’t explain.  So imagine my surprise when I learned of Wendell’s Bunko-playing days!

Thankfully, his experience was much different than mine.  In Chapter 7, Graduate School, Wendell relives the night he and Carolyn first played Bunko at the Methodist Church near College Station, Texas.  They were new to the area and the first morning they attended church services, they were invited by a professor at Texas A&M to come back and play Bunko that night.  The discussions and insinuations about mental energy and prayer are so intriguing and wonderfully written, I felt as if I was there taking place in the conversations.

The Professor who invited them to play was fascinated with Wendell and asked him about his physics training.  Wendell replied that he had no college training, and this sets off a whole new chain of events.  It turns out that Wendell is auditing this guys class!  The professor questions why this is so, and instead of telling him about the situation with Dr. Jerk, he portrays what a stand-up man he is and focuses only on his responsibility in the situation.  It pays off very well for him, as he recalls that morning’s sermon, Trust in the Lord, He knows exactly what you need.

You can read more about this and many more exciting events in Wendell Arnold’s autobiography, FROM THE COTTON PATCH TO Ph.D., GOD’S MANAGEMENT OF MAN THROUGH THE EYES OF A SCIENTIST.  It is available at xulonpress.com/bookstore, amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, and on the nook, kindle and google e-book.  But the only place to get your signed copy is wendellarnold.com!  Go to wendellarnold.com and follow the directions to place an order online and pay through PayPal or send us a check.

However you decide to order, just know that there are many people who are confident that you will enjoy reading Wendell’s story of faith and hope!



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