An Event-Filled Few Days at the International Christian Retail Show!

As hundreds of people walked into the Exhibit Hall after a very moving ribbon-cutting ceremony Monday morning, emotions were high, excitement was in the air and 362 exhibitors awaited at the Christian Book Association’s International Christian Retail Show.  Held at the Orlando Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, the CBA’s ICRS is the largest Christian retail show in the world, and we were thrilled to be a part of it with Wendell Arnold’s new book in the show.

Wendell Arnold and his new book, FROM THE COTTON PATCH TO Ph.D., GOD’S MANAGEMENT OF MAN THROUGH THE EYES OF A SCIENTIST, at the International Christian Retail Show in Orlando, Florida July 15-18, 2012.

Two and a half days of meeting other authors, publishers and distributors went by so fast, and we are all so very grateful for the ability to attend.  Wendell and his wife Carolyn traveled from Oklahoma and I had the pleasure of my daughter accompanying me.  We made the three hour drive from West Palm Beach, where she is a student at Palm Beach State College.

Although Wendell and Carolyn have a home on Key Biscayne, they usually spend their summers in Oklahoma.  Not that the weather is cooler out west, the most common reason for escaping Florida in the summertime, but Wendell’s farm gets his attention during the “farming weather” months.  A condominium man at heart, he is not.  What he does have in his heart for The Village is his church, St. Christopher’s By The Sea, and all of their wonderful friends there.  You can find out how the couple wound up in Key Biscayne in his autobiography, FROM THE COTTON PATCH TO Ph.D., GOD’S MANAGEMENT OF MAN THROUGH THE EYES OF A SCIENTIST.

What an interesting story it is, and Wendell’s writing style keeps the reader engaged.  Wendell tells about growing up picking cotton, marrying his high school sweetheart, and excerpts of the next 50 years of their life together with 3 children.  We have heard story after story of how hard it was for people to put the book down once they picked it up!  You can probably see what I mean by just reading Chapter One.  Take a look!  To read Chapter One, click here.  You might want to first finish reading about the ICRS and take a look at all the pictures I am going to post below, so I will remind you at the end of the blog to go read Chapter One.

So, on with pictures from the show!




Goodbye Orlando Convention Center, a great place to hold the Christian Book Association’s International Christian Retail Show!

One of the authors we met at the show, Pastor Ronald Wean, was very delightful to talk with.  He and Wendell struck up lively conversation a few different times and they found they have several things in common.  Pastor Wean is pictured above shaking hands with Wendell in the second picture.  He is the author of HEALING TRAUMATIZED CHURCHES and he has leadership trainings in trauma recognition, trauma recovery and trauma resiliency.  For more information, visit his website at

To order Wendell Arnold’s new book, his autobiography that reads like a novel, visit his website and click on “Wendell’s Market Place” (yes I know it is one word, but not here!) to order signed copies directly from Wendell.

RETAILERS – ORDER FROM XULON PRESS THROUGH JULY 27, 2012 AND RECEIVE 50% OFF, FREE SHIPPING & DELAYED BILLING!!  Orders placed by retailers/distributors are returnable.  Call Jason Fletcher at (866) 381-2665 extension 1163.  Books may also be ordered from Spring Arbor Distributors and/or Ingram Book Company.  The ICRS special deal above through July 27 is only good through Xulon Press.

And I did not forget, click here to read chapter one of Wendell’s autobiography (that reads like a novel!).

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