Facetious Food Spoken Here

I like fun words like today’s word of the day by dictionary.com. A facetious word it is, prompting me to also look up facetious [fuhsee-shuh s], although already confident on it’s meaning. But seeing that it was included in the definition, I thought I would be extra, extra sure. And yep, facetious means not to be taken seriously, or amusing and humorous.

I imagine the word alone will give away it’s humor, for everyone knows there’s no such thing as a cackleberry tree, right? A noun that means a hen’s egg used for food, cackleberry [kakuh-l-ber-ee] is indeed a word, and a funny one at that. “Two cackleberries over easy, please!”

Spoken as early as the 1900’s in the U.S., whomever coined this slang likely had a dang good sense of humor.